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I have 30 years experience in the hair, makeup and prosthetics industry.  I first became a hairdresser straight out of school specialising in colour and cutting  and then onto Avante Garde styling.

I landed in London in the 90's, fresh faced and dying to refine my craft. I was introduced to the film industry early on, working on music videos through the hairdressing salon I was working at. I was lucky, or so I thought , to work in the craziest hairdressing salon in London. Our clientele were the famous  London punks, goths, freaks and ravers.  I guess those formative years were where my journey began. My love for makeup was already there, I knew I wanted to have that notch in my belt too. I was given the opportunity to learn from a friend, I gobbled it all up. We bounced ideas off each other  and I had the freedom to be as creative as I wanted. Prosthetics came last, I initially wasn't particularly interested in them but after litres of blood and a side of gore I soon became a fan.

I have two Emmy nominations  for hairstyling and a  nomination for a Canadian Academy award for makeup under my belt. It's not all about the awards, it's about whats on that screen that counts for me.

I am comfortable working with big budgets and big teams as well as tiny budgets and smaller teams from a period drama to a modern day drama, nothing is off limits. 

I am a confident designer in all aspects of hair, makeup , wigs and prosthetics I have been designing for 10 years and love the challenges as well as the rewards that designing a show  delivers. There is no better feeling than reading a new script, imagining it on a screen and then actually seeing it come alive. Being part of the machine that makes a series or a feature film possible is an incredible achievement.

obviously I am not alone in doing all this, I am supported by a team with talents beyond their years.  We are a tight knit unit. It's all about our actors, from the minute they step on the truck we make it our mission to help them, start their day with security, warmth and professionalism. We have had many a compliment from our famous counterparts of their love for our team.




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